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Interesting day yesterday. After losing interest in the banality of the American Presidential Race ( yes, I admit I have been addicted to it for weeks!) I began looking at other problems in the world. I engaged BBC world news on the net and scrolled down the list of stories.

I got stuck on one. I began reading. Nigeria. Selling children for CASH. $300. Stolen from hospitals by hospital staff. It’s real and it’s every day. Imagine being a mother in that country!

Two hours later, here in Australia, I was preparing dinner for my wife and eight-year-old daughter. I received a call from an employee, moaning and groaning about the delay on the brand new two-bedroom unit that the government is building for her at no charge to her.

“I really hope they get it done before Christmas. They were supposed to finish in October. It makes me so angry!”

It seems she gets the place for LIFE.

The women in Nigeria probably thought they would have their child for life.

So…#@*& your first world problem and remember the absolute freedom and joy that you have right here, right now.

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