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There must be 10,000,000 people on this earth who believe they know the secret or non secret way to become profitable. I don’t pretend to be an expert on this subject.

I have missed so many boats leaving the harbour on this one. Just recently I failed to buy into the share market during the early stages of Covid. I can’t remember the exact details but if I brought into the ASX @ 4900, I could have sold At 6300? A great profit in 6 months.

I can only say that it was fear and anxiety but most probably that there were things happening around me that had greater importance to me. This brings me to the idea or concept that I perhaps would like to be much richer, much more profitable but maybe, just maybe I am too busy or profit is not as important as life and family.

Nevertheless I understand this doesn’t help you.

The thing is, as a coach I cannot take you to riches and profit and abundance.

Only you can do that. What I can do is coach you in the direction of your dreams, to help you understand the limitations you have bestowed on your self and your “profitability” and find our your ultimate destiny.

Afterall, that is where all wealth and abundance resides.

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