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From my perspective, apart from disease and diet, the most common cause of fatigue comes from resisting what is! When we are in flow, in alignment traveling in this amazing universe as we choose to do we are energised and living the way we should. This fills us with the zest and hunger that makes life worth living.

When we are resisting something (which we all know that we created. Am I right? We are the creators of everything! Or are you resisting that too?) we fall into the trap of stopping and…

For instance, a work colleague and you are not getting on and you find your work is suffering because you have an issue with that person (for whatever reason). You end up blaming that person for the way they are. That causes your world to become smaller, more limited and you start to resist what is really going on.

You become tired, full of excuses, blame and justification. This leads to fatigue.

The truth is…

You created this eons ago…by getting the job!

The original manifestation of your fatigue is yours. The decision you made (cause and effect) makes everything your own.

Remember, take on board and understand that you are the Creator of everything.

Take responsibility and release the resistance. Change things, make a decision, but please let go of the idea that it is other people who are making you as you are.

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