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Change your thoughts, change your life.

50,000 thoughts a day, give or take 10,000. That’s how many the average person has in a 24 hour period (I have no idea how they worked that out… just a thought).

The interesting idea behind this “idea” is that of those supposed 50,000 thoughts there are probably only one hundred new ones. That’s gives you about 0.002% of new notions. At that rate, I assume, it would be difficult to make a change in life. Anyway, those new thoughts could quite well be no good.

So the answer to a new life?

Watch your thoughts! Are they parked in the positive parking spaces or the negative ones? Or even the disabled? Are they feeding petty jealousies? Do they make you belly tight or are they racy? Are you overwhelmed to the point of nail biting?

Can you catch that thought! Can you catch that thought and find out why it’s there? Is it serving you or dis-serving you. Can you change it to a better one before the next unconscious thought takes over?

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