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1. Acceptance

The ability to accept what you can control and what you can’t control.

2. Adaptability

Be adaptable and ready and willing to change when you need to.

3. Awareness

It means being able to see everyone and everything clearly – most importantly yourself.

4. Balance

The yin and the yang.

5. Calmness

You can be calm in any situation should you allow yourself to be.

6. Community

We are hard-wired to socialiSe; to eat, drink, gossip, laugh, tell stories, share ideas, give and receive amongst ourselves.

7. Compassion

Compassion is taking the time to understand the suffering of others and hopefully, being able to do something about it.

8. Creativity

Someone who cherishes creativity is able to think up new and big ideas, see things that other people can’t, and see the world around them through their own lens, not somebody else’s.

9. Discipline

Discipline will lead you to the life that you want, should you adopt it as a core value.

10. Empathy

There is perhaps no greater value on this list that will connect you deeper to not just the closest people in your life but to complete strangers too.

11. Freedom

The freedom to choose, freedom to speak, freedom to live on your own terms, freedom to love and be loved.

12. Gratitude

Gratitude provides a powerful perspective shift whenever you feel yourself get into a rut.

13. Happiness

When happiness guides your decision-making rather than superficial things like money and status, you will find yourself in a much more satisfying position than if you chase other people’s idea of happiness.

14. Health

They say that a healthy man has a lot of dreams and wishes whereas a sick man only has one – to be able to get out of bed.

15. Humility

Humility is the antidote to arrogance and selfishness and is a value to adopt if you want to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

16. Innovation

Simply seeing something small and making it better in your own life is enough to make a world of difference.

17. Knowledge

Knowledge about yourself, others and the world allows you to understand everything that you see a bit better.

18. Leadership

It take guts, determination, confidence and humility to lead.

19. Love

When you value love deeply and try to show it in everything that you do, you make your world and the world of others a much better place.

20. Moderation

What works well for all people is everything in moderation.

21. Peace

Peace enables clear decision-making, freedom in thoughts and actions as well as providing a deep understanding of the special life that you live.

22. Purpose

Purpose is what gets you out of bed every morning, it is why you sacrifice what you sacrifice and often entails something bigger than yourself.

23. Responsibility

Responsibility can actually be an awesome way to add meaning and value to your life.

24. Service

Similar to the responsibility point above, when you adopt service as a core value, you will have very little time to wallow in any self-pity, anxiety or existential angst because you will be busy making the world a better place.

25. Spirituality

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion, it simply means taking the time to listen to your body, to watch your thoughts, to connect with and appreciate the world and the universe that you find yourself in.

26. Trust

Trust is a core value on this list because it requires many other difficult skills that also help to develop you as a person.

27. Understanding

Understanding comes from a place of acceptance of what is, not what should be or could be.

28. Wealth

Someone who is truly wealthy possesses great relationships, plenty of freedom, a life filled with joy as well as many of the other values on this list.

29. Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to see broadly and clearly, to use good judgement and to be decisive when necessary.

30. Wonder

Wonder is thinking about the possibility of what comes next, dreaming about how you and things could be better, pushing your own boundaries and what you think you are capable of each day.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a good idea of some of the core values that you can adopt, it’s time to not only decide which ones you like the best but also integrate and use them in your daily life.

Core values are designed to guide your decisions in your most difficult moments. Now you have everything you need to go and live the life that you want to live!

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