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Sometimes we might get the idea that the outside world is doing a number on us. It feels like no matter what we do we just can’t seem to rid ourselves of the feeling that our own world is shackled and we cant move forward.

We are almost positive that everything that binds us is coming from an outside source and when we look at it the evidence sure stacks up…

Our partner informs us that we shouldn’t go ahead with our “great idea”/the coming bills will stop your money(energy)/disappointment lingering behind every corner/…

All this evidence creates anxiety and frustration for sure, but the truth is, this debilitating feeling of being imprisoned by the outside world is really an illusion. It’s a build-up of limiting beliefs that have grown internally even while you may have been vigilantly “on watch”!

Let me just throw this one into the mix.

Your entire experience and existence on this planet comes from the filters inside your mind that delete and distort and generalise. Your internal representation, of time/space/matter/energy, of language, of memories, of decisions, of meta programs, of values/beliefs and attitudes.

In conclusion, you hold the key to your own jail.

Laisse-moi jeter celui-ci dans le mix.

Toute votre expérience et votre existence sur cette planète proviennent des filtres à l’intérieur de votre esprit qui suppriment et déforment et généralisent. Votre représentation interne, du temps/espace/matière/énergie, du langage, des souvenirs, des décisions, des méta-programmes, des valeurs/croyances et des attitudes.

En conclusion, vous détenez la clé de votre propre prison.

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