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Are you ready? Are you ready to stop F*ing around?

By signing this declaration and stepping into my mission, I acknowledge that I will likely come up against deep fears, resistance, excuses, blocks, and denial.

But I am done F*ing Around!

 I will do my best to stay on target, I will allow myself the space and flexibility for these challenges, and I will be kind to myself on this journey.

I know I will be mentally, emotionally, and physically challenged. I know I am fully responsible for the decisions and choices reached during the session. I will be open and vulnerable for my coach to truly serve my needs. When I feel like running, quitting, screaming and/or crying, I will use the ideas, tools, and techniques that I am learning to breathe through the obstacles in my path.

I will schedule sessions and do this work, and I will complete my coaching package within approximately four months. The money I invest is a commitment to my growth and is non-refundable. I am serious about leveling up my life, my dreams, and my time on earth.

F yeah!! Signed…………………………….

A free session to start to change your life!

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