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I just had the old flu shot two days ago.

I think I left it too long because I had a full-on cold last week, flu-like symptoms, and generally felt like a piece of S*#@! Anyway I am good now.

But being good also made me wonder what’s next? I am 57, living in Tasmania, and generally fit and healthy.

I am getting a little pressure from my wife to get the Covid jab. I’ll be honest, I am waiting for more evidence. What sort? You may very well ask.

Well, I’m not sure what sort of evidence really. I made the mistake of watching one or two YOUTUBE conspiracy stories early on and that may have sparked some doubts, which in turn has made me do some thinking.

And now I understand. I got! It’s all about trust. TRUST. Do I trust the universe? That is the question.

Yes, yes I do. I trust the universe, I trust all those people working hard for humanity, I trust in the existence of all the people who have died, all the front line people in the pursuit of science, I trust Fauci, Marie Salomea Skłodowska and the human race. I didn’t get polio, my kids and grandchildren have been looked after in regards to many many things…

I am booking my jab right now!

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