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We don’t see much about it on this platform but being lost evokes an emptiness so acute that sometimes, it is just …plain painful.

We are smart enough to know it’s okay to feel lost sometimes, it’s okay to feel like shit.

But let me tell you what I think this feeling lost is all about and how it is one of the blessings of the universe.


I believe this feeling of being lost is coming from your subconscious and unconscious. It is trying to tell you something. I don’t know exactly what that is on a personal level, but I do know is it is coming from the wise and important part of you.

It is making you feel this uncomfortable feeling because it “knows and understands” that changes may be needed in your life.

It feels into “you” because it is part of you and sees that your life and your values are not congruent.

The feeling comes from “being lost” in the middle.

In fact, most times people weather the “storm” or the “alarm bell” of being lost. They use denial or blame or booze or good quality cocaine or even bad quality meth, either-or and some, and they push down the feeling until next time. And then it comes again the next time and then the next time until there is no comprehension of who they are or what is happening.

As I said, it’s what I believe. It is how I see life. I have ignored that feeling of being lost many times and buried it many times.

When that lost feeling hit me recently, I understood it was pushing me to reevaluate a number of things I was doing in my life that wasn’t ME. I have changed a number of things. It feels right. I haven’t got it all sussed but I am slowly seeing the beauty and amazing potential of my subconscious and unconscious having its say in my life.
It is a blessing.

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