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P.J.O’Rourke once said “seriousness is stupidity sent to college”.

Oscar Wilde was quoted “life is too important to be taken seriously”.

and Samuel Butler (I am not sure who he is) indicated that the central serious conviction we should have in life is that nothing should be taken seriously.


Unkept seriousness is grave and can even send you to the grave.

Don’t misunderstand me, some things in life must be taken seriously. I am serious about that!

Yet seriousness that is unchecked and let loose in your consciousness can be heavy.

And that can weigh you down, take you down, make you feel like you are carrying more than you need to, or even do more than you need to. I believe it is a huge reason for depression. Being too serious can create mayhem in your life that hypnotises you into believing your own story and how important you are.

What’s your seriousness?

I’ll tell you mine. “How well off or well-credentialled people are”.

It doesn’t “hit the serious bucket of my self-esteem” as much these days because as I reach my 60s my own personal seriousness has softened and has become much easily digested. I see my life as a beautiful illusion, but seriousness really did poke some holes in that bucket when I was younger. It made me, at times, unhappy to be me.

Even here, in this very forum, I get that feeling sometimes.

I am fortunate that I am getting older, and, like this post, I am not perfect in the world.

I understand I cannot compare myself to anyone but the best version of myself.

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