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Life Coaching can increase your resilience.

It does this by supporting you to be more assertive and more confident.

Coaching also helps you create healthy boundaries.

I believe it is our job to work on ourselves. And it’s that work we do that becomes the most important component to the quality of our lives. It supports us to be stronger and more conscious about ourselves in this world. It creates rhythm, flow, and more control.

Ultimately coaching is the exercise our true self needs to build the muscle of resilience that can help us handle anything that life throws at us.

As we grow from childhood, a place where anything is possible, we have to deal with and process (if we are conscious) a tsunami of indoctrinated beliefs, limiting outlooks, negative viewpoints, and a whole lot of other crap from family education and society. The experience of battling this storm has the ability to strip us of the joy and resolve we are innately born with and if we don’t “exercise” our ability to possess resilience and explore our true selves then we simply become victims of the Universe.

How exactly can a Life Coach help?

A life coach will help you realise your goals and work towards accomplishing them. But there are several specific duties that define the role of a life coach.

Here’s a look at what a life coach can do to empower you:

  • Get to know you, including your current situation, obstacles and goals
  • Help you assess your position in relation to the goals and aspirations you’ve outlined
  • Assist you in mapping the steps between where you are and where you want to be
  • Provide information and resources to support you on your journey
  • Generate progress reports and updates that help you track your progress
  • Keep you accountable by developing new habits and routines
  • Deliver ongoing support to help ensure you meet your goals

From goal setting and accountability to advice-giving and progress check-ins, life coaches help you from being stuck and uncertain to empowered and achieving.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is or what obstacles stand between you and your objective, life coaching is tailored to the individual, because your life is unique.

The bottom line is that a life coach provides clarity and actionable insights. They help you see your goals and take the right steps to achieve them.

The opposite of building resilience…..

It started mid-morning when the routine of the day felt lifeless. Without thinking, I opened the browser, typed “Fa,” and autofill did the rest sending me directly to Facebook. After an unknown amount of time, looking at vapidly entertaining content, I jumped over to Twitter, and it was more of the same. I checked to see what was trending to see if I was missing anything. I was. A politician had said something to make half the population mad and the other half defend them, Twitter had suspended someone causing them to trend on Twitter, and K-pop fans were saying something nonsensical, to me, at least. The fever pitch these topics generated spoke to their significance even though the throng will forget them by morning. When my “break” was over, I got back to the responsibilities that pressed in on my day.

Later that night, exhausted from work, I grabbed the Roku remote and began looking for something to spark my tired soul. Multiple streaming services were available to peruse. Twenty minutes and countless uninspiring previews later, I chose to watch the least-tedious content I could find. Then it was off to bed. No fight. No resilience.

When I awoke the next morning, I dropped my feet to the floor, sat on the edge of the bed, and rubbed my eyes. On autopilot, I grabbed my phone off the nightstand to see what was new. The world had not slept. An entirely new set of trends, memes, and videos filled the screen. Long before work hours, even work emails created a sense of urgency in me that caused me to respond before eating breakfast.

As I grabbed my bag to head to the car, I clicked through a few apps to find a podcast, book, or something to fill my 30-minute commute. Decision fatigue cut the search short, so I drove in silence. Without any distraction, I began to consider what had me scrolling so much. I was looking for something, and it was not more content. I was looking for something to make me feel alive but often found the exact opposite. I was scrolling for life, and since I occasionally found something that provided some excitement to the day’s routine, like an addicted gambler, I was probably going to continue scrolling for the rest of my life. Pondering my patterns, I felt something gnawing at me from deep within my soul.

We all tend to do this. Whether we search on our phones, in our careers, or in our family life, we seem to be looking for something. It is as if an eternal ache has been implanted in our hearts. In all my scrolling and searching I tend to forget that on the nightstand, where I picked up my phone first thing in the morning, sits my the notes for this blog.

Lost in a loop we are basically distracting ourselves to our death bed. It’s what I call the Netflix syndrome.

Resilience is probably the only thing that will stop this cycle.

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