About Me

Cameron McDonald

A Life Coach, Mentor, Papa, Facilitator, Chef of 35 years, Author, Blogger, Enrepreneur and Founder of Caccoon

Life is an amazing ride. All from just a spark of divinity!

For most of my 57 years I have spent most of my time energy and money searching for something outside myself, believing I needed more, believing that I was not enough.

I was raised Catholic, but ended up sitting in Atheism. I passed time being a hippy, a punk in the ACT, went a little wild on drugs, was a roadie for an Iggy Pop Australian tour in 1983, beheld Buddhism, did Vipassana, took LSD, ate Magic Mushrooms, believed in Avatar, followed John de ruiter, fire walked with Tony Robbins, built a brand and a restaurant, lived in Bessano del Grappa Italy, paid $1000 for a Transendental meditation mantra, tried Tibetian Pulsing with OMKA, breathed breathwork, got hypnotised, studied Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I have been bankrupt, lost friends, kept secrets.

I am not telling you this to impress you, rather I am telling you this to impress upon you that deep down I chose the trial and error way of life.  

It has never been boring, not unlike late afternoon geography with Miss Broadbent.

Like most, I could write a book.

Because I felt a deep sense of deficiency I spent decades giving people around me the answers they wanted, thinking if I could keep those around happy then I could be happy myself. Alas, this is not a good plan for happiness. I have spent my entire life not being myself.

I became what surrounded me and I hid the authentic part of me.

I lived in fear of being my true self.

Then I found a coach, a person who believed in me even before I did.

I started to discard the ideas that I had assumed to get approval from others.

I am still gathering the courage to do my own imagining, my own believing but I have finally stopped relying on experts.

I am the only expert on my life.

Intuitively I stopped pretending. I stopped acting. 

I started feeling, deciding and doing. 

I started to live.


Right now I am a Life Coach, Mentor, Papa, Facilitator, Chef of 35 years, Author, Blogger, Enrepreneur and Founder of Caccoon Life.

Cameron your coaching was the best thing that has happened to me in a long while. You have taken me from a place of being ‘stuck’ to a place where I am free to move forward. You helped me identify how the past was holding me back. Thank you for helping me close the door on that past forever and pointing me in a new direction, by helping me to identify my life purpose and work towards my future. Thank you for you compassion and insight that opened up new possibilities for my future. Noela Cowell