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We don’t see much about it on this platform but being lost evokes an emptiness so acute that sometimes, it is just …plain painful. We are smart enough to...

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Money is a symbol of all the best people have to offer each other. Money is a symbol of human productivity and human achievement. Money represents all the good...

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I have magically created destiny. I now have exactly what I want and need. I have a chance to transcend a form of life that I fell into the...

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You can VAMOOSE, LEG IT, SCARPER, SHOW A CLEAN PAIR OF HEELS! You can evade monsters, jump out of harms way, avoid, defer, hide, reinvent etc etc. but You...

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Change your thoughts, change your life. 50,000 thoughts a day, give or take 10,000. That’s how many the average person has in a 24 hour period (I have no...

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