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notes on board


People will priority ( and pay more for) products and services that promise a better outcome than their current reality. What is your audience’s big dream goal or wildest...

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love your life clipboard decor


In my unpretentious opinion. Having a Life Coach makes you more accountable. Having a Life Coach saves you time and gets you faster results. Having a Life Coach saves...

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What is stopping me? What is in the way? What beliefs stop me? Why do I feel limited? Who can help? What might help? What can I do to...

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woman comforting friend


EMPATHY- the ability to pick up how someone feels. COMPASSION- the ability to do something about it. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. If you have too much empathy then you can be...

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empty gray and white concrete spiral stairs


Now I am the voice I will lead, not follow I will believe, not doubt I will create, not destroy I am a force for good I am a...

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crop man using card to enter city subway gate


I have magically created destiny. I now have exactly what I want and need. I have a chance to transcend a form of life that I fell into the...

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